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Help people in need around the world, and support the causes you care about. Make a donation in crypto to a nonprofit.

Why donate in cryptocurrency?

Maximize your impact

Give crypto directly to a nonprofit, and more of your donation can go to the causes you care about as transaction fees are lower than traditional payment methods.

Donate more, pay less in taxes

In the United States, and many other jurisdictions, cryptocurrency donations are treated as property. This means they are not subject to capital gains tax and are tax deductible.

Donate anonymously

You can donate crypto anonymously. Support the causes you care about and maintain your privacy. The Pineapple Fund donated $55 million worth of bitcoin to charities anonymously.

Donate across borders

Anyone, anywhere in the world can donate crypto to support the causes they care about. Nonprofits accept donations in bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Encourage adoption and transparency

When you donate in crypto, you help promote transparent giving and encourage wider adoption as nonprofits share the benefits of cryptocurrency to their supporters.

these nonprofits are excited to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

Add your nonprofit to Donate in Crypto, and get your organization in front of the crypto community.

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I created Donate in Crypto to raise awareness of the benefits of cryptocurrency giving, and showcase the innovative nonprofits that have embraced this transformative technology.

While it's still early days, I'm excited about cryptocurrency and what's possible as more talented people of all demographics and backgrounds from around the world join forces and leave their mark on this space.


Get involved.

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